Roll Off Containers

Container Lease Agreement

Scrap Processing Company is pleased to have this opportunity to serve you as its Customer, and encourages you to contact us if questions or service-related problems should occur. Please note the following stipulations:

The Customer will be responsible for any damages to the box, that may occur while it is in his possession.

The Customer will load the box, water level high only, and no portion of the load will extend over the side of the box.

Each load will be evaluated when it reaches the Company’s facilities in Amarillo, Texas, and will be paid accordingly to that evaluation. The weights that will determine the value of the load will be the Company’s scales in Amarillo, Texas.

No Hazardous Waste will be accepted.

There will be a handling charge and disposal fee for any waste that is placed in the box or returned to the Customers location at his expense. The box is intended for scrap iron and metal only.

Radioactive Scrap will not be accepted.

Set up and Handling Charges (Based on current fuel cost)

  • There will be a set up fee of $4.00 per running mile based on the mileage from Amarillo to the Customers location one way with a $100.00 minimum.
  • Handling charges are $4.00 per running mile for freight based on the mileage from Amarillo to the Customers location one way ( $100.00 minimum). If the scrap load does not cover handling charges, Customer will be billed for the shortage.
  • There will be a box rental fee of $100.00 per month — if box is not loaded 2 times a month.
  • There will be a dead run fee applied if when called upon to pick up the box and for reasons beyond our control ( such as the box is not loaded properly, over loaded, or something is blocking us from getting to the box). If the problem cannot be corrected promptly while we are on location, the customer will then be charged a dead run fee.